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Psychodynamic exercises in goalkeeper training

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dragoszimgPsychodynamics is a term used so far this thinking if we are to developv only in psychology, especially in one of certain characteristics in humans, we the major schools of psychology, which need to make the environment emphasizes the dynamic forces that appropriately influenced him, enabling govern human personality. him to the development of these traits. Theories of Personality called Do you want to create the perfect man - behavioral recognize that man over his create an ideal environment for him. Entire personal and social Do psychodynamics can be "translated" development, as a result of the impact for football? Certainly yes - if you study of positive and negative stimuli , what connects reasoning and learning different forms of behavior movement, and how many calls of this and reaction, and learning is reinforced type occurs in the game of football. In or undermined by a system of penalties psychodynamic exercises we can train and rewards. Learning and experience in a player 's ability to make decisions influence who they become. In short - it and changes as soon as possible, is what a man, how it behaves, we can depending on the number of emerging have an impact from the outside, external stimuli - visual, auditory and through its environment. As a result of tactile.

jjjjTo meet the demands of modern football stimulate the capacity to acquire and players should be sought not only read the situation, the ability to focus on physically, technically and tactically what is really important and anticipation, gifted, but also "mentally capable", the ability to find a solution as soon as those who have a high speed "mental", possible. These possibilities , of course, subjected to thousands of stimuli of we have stored in their DNA, they are different natures are able to react in the "true quality", but still can be better, so correct manner and as quickly as we can train and stimulate the players possible. combining both technical preparation, Football is a game in which the course tactical and physical elements of stimuli outside the rules, nothing is fixed. In fact, that affect the efficiency of the main feature is its unpredictability. At psychotherapy. Any time collide with new situations and When configuring resource circumstances in which the player must psychodynamic training should develop report and give an immediate response. one that will play the situations most Fluctuations or even small distractions likely to be solved, but forcing the player will not allow a favorable outcome of the to think and to answer correctly to match. Of course, you do not just receive stimuli. In time, the player will answer, you need to answer correctly. gain experience, which will then be used Accordingly to the technique, tactics and automatically during the game. Classes, physical training, there is a need to initially, it should be easy to solve, and develop a synergistic manner "mental maybe even fun to wear signs to avoid preparation" athlete, which consists of rejection by the attitude of the players. Memory, perception, ability to Then, when they already gain some concentrate and analyze the situation. experience, these exercises should In psychodynamic exercises for the become more and more difficult.


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